Preclinical Scientist
Design and execute cell and tissue based assay to evaluate in vitro pharmacology and toxicology of cell therapies.
Independently design and conduct experiments, present scientific findings at the internal and external meetings.
Working knowledge of cell therapy, perform and optimize cell-based immunoassays, including Cytotoxic assays, ELISPOT, Multi-color flow cytometry and ELISA.
Develop and characterize in vivo mouse models, including syngeneic, NSG and humanized mouse models to evaluate safety and efficacy of potential cell therapy pipelines.
Responsible for method development and qualification/validation, preparation and presentation of scientific findings, and documentation and archiving studies according to regulatory guidelines.
Assist in the preparation of scientific and regulatory documents related to preclinical studies.
Work closely with cross-functional teams to advance pipeline development.
Keep up-to-date with the literature in his/her field.
Ph. D. in Immunology/Cell Biology or related fields; 2 years’ post-graduate experience in cell biology/immunology; 3 years’ animal handling experience.
Extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in cell biology field. Experience in immune-oncology preferred.
Practical experience in in vivo mouse model (NSG, syngeneic, humanized and PDX mouse model) and ex vivo analysis of immune cells is preferred.
Hands-on experience and troubleshooting proficiency with immune cell isolation from peripheral blood and cell based immunoassays.
Experience in molecular biology techniques (e.g., flow cytometry, ELISA, co-culture and cytotoxicity assays, qPCR, Western Blot and others).
Track record of scientific publications and accomplishments.
Excellent oral and written communication skills in both Chinese and English.
Experience working in industry is preferred.